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About DataFleet

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DataFleet is a subsidiary of the REMONDIS Group and offers cities, municipalities and other interested parties a new and innovative service: street and environmental data on demand. With a global fleet of waste management vehicles at our disposal, we regularly drive along all the roads in a town or district - right down to the last corner. Our vehicles are able to collect information from the road environment automatically, using optical sensor technology in conjunction with artificial intelligence, all in compliance with data protection regulations. 

One solution for different use cases:

Traffic safety

Covered or damaged road signs

Road conditions

Potholes and lane markings


Illegal dumping and overfilled waste bins

Street surroundings

Cadastre information and construction sites

"DataFleet enables the identification and targeted repair of flaws in road environments."

And here`s how it works

  • Hardware is installed in the vehicle and can immediately begin collecting data

  • Collected data is transfered to the DataFleet software on a daily basis.

  • The data can then be visualised either via the web based DataFleet Dashboard...

  • …or be sent directly to existing GIS solutions via customized interfaces.

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